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Tech Sheets: 'How-Tos' for Shively Products

NOTE Many tech sheets are in Adobe® Acrobat® format. You'll need Acrobat Reader®, a free download from, to read them.
NOTE These materials are for your on-line use. Please note that some are copyrighted. Contact Shively for copying and distribution information.

For Shively Labs antennas:

Model 6020

Installing a Model 6020-1 FM antenna

Model 6277

Assembling a bay, Model 6277

Model 6602 or 6602B

Installation layout for Models 6602B & 6812B FM antennas

Versa2une (SLV)

New Installing a 1/2-wave-spaced Versa2une antenna

Model 6810

Retrofitting a full radome on a Model 6810 FM antenna
Replacing an old (brown) partial radome with the new (white) style

Model 6812 or 6812B

Installation layout for Models 6602B & 6812B FM antennas
Replacing a bay on a Model 6812B FM antenna with radomes

Model 6813

Converting a Model 6813 4-bay end-fed to an 8-bay center-fed
Retrofitting radomes to a Model 6813 FM antenna
Refurbishing a Model 6813 FM antenna
Retrofitting radomes to a Model 6813 FM antenna with de-icers

Model 6814

Converting a Model 6814 2-bay end-fed to an 4-bay center-fed
Phase-matching on a Model 6814 dual-feed system

Model 6832

Installing a Model 6832 FM antenna

Model 6842

Installing a Model 6842 FM antenna

Antennas in General

Replacing pressure relief valves on Shively FM antennas
Installing de-icers
Installing Shively Model 55522-G502 dual-setting thermostat
Troubleshooting ice buildup
New Tuning a Type "N" double-stub tuner
New Installing and tuning a 3-stub fine-matching transformer

For other Shively Labs products:

Filters and Combiners:

Installing a 2-station Model 2930 FM combiner
Installing a 3-station Model 2930 FM combiner
Installing a 4-station Model 2930 FM combiner

Coax and Cable

Standard coax cutback dimensions
Installing a flange on 5/8" flex coax
Securing and bonding of unjacketed coax cable
Securing coax cable using insulating cable clamps
Securing jacketed coax cable
Installing a flange on 5/8" flex coax
Installing a coax spring hanger on 4-1/16" transmission line

Patch Panels

Configuring hybrid patch panels
Installing micro switches on a patch panel

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