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One of the benefits of working with an ESOP company is that customers can expect to work with employees who have a long term commitment to success, both of the company and its customers.  While Shively is privileged to have customers who insist on working with the same employees year after year, we are sometimes surprised to learn that when those employees retire our customers aren’t familiar with the expertise and experience of their new contacts.  Let us introduce you to some of the Shively employees you can expect to talk to when you call in…….

Angela GillespieVP of the Shively Division.  Angela is only the fourth VP to head Shively since the merger of the companies nearly 40 years ago, a testament to the continuity Shively customers have come to expect.  Angela  began her RF career designing antenna components and configuring filter systems for several Maine RF companies and arrived at Shively nearly 20 years ago.  For the last 12 years Angela has concentrated on RF Sales where she enjoys meeting and working with the Radio Engineering Community and where her experience detailing complex systems gives her a unique insight into customers’ needs and problems.

Dale Ladner, CBT: Marketing and Regional Sales Manager. Broadcast Products:  Dale has worked for several Maine based RF manufacturers and in a number of capacities since starting his career at Howell’s Microwave Techniques Division in the mid-1980.  In 2010 he returned to Shively to pursue his first love – sales. Dales years of experience and strong customer support has earned the trust of many broadcasters over the years.

Alan Plummer: Customer Support Specialist – Project Manager.  Alan began his RF career as a designer for Howell’s Microwave Techniques Division in 1985, staying on with Shively when MT was sold in the 1990s.  For over 30 years Alan has been involved at the most detailed levels of antenna and combiner system installations.  More recently, his experience is being used to help new customers select appropriate systems for their particular needs and that are suitable for the constraints of their particular sites.

Sean Edwards:  Director of RF Engineering.  Sean started his career in RF in 1984 with the US Navy as a Fire Control Technician where he operated, maintained and repaired the weapon systems aboard Aircraft Carriers. After his enlistment he returned to Maine as a Lineman, and Line Sweep Technician in cable television, building, aligning, and maintaining thousands of miles of transmission line and dozens of satellite downlink stations across the northeast region. In 1997 Sean joined Shively’s RF team as their Senior RF Field Technician overseeing the installation, testing and troubleshooting of thousands of antenna and combiner systems worldwide. In 2009 Sean was promoted to Shively’s Test and Development Engineer assisting in product development. Building on this in 2012 he became the RF Designer and Project lead for Shively engineering. During this time Sean designed and built a handful of new FM antennas and several new FM filters to add to Shively’s FM product line. Throughout his time at Shively Sean has enjoyed speaking and giving technical presentations to the broadcast engineering community.

Jeff AllenRF Technician.  Jeff joined Shively over 30 years ago starting with basic antenna and combiner assembly.  That assembly experience, along with thousands of hours of antenna and combiner tuning makes him one of the most sought-after troubleshooters in the industry.  As the antennas get heavier and the winters colder, Jeff also brings his skills and attention to detail to the precision assembly and tuning of military grade moisture measurement equipment manufactured by our Howell Division.

Joel Parent: P.E.: Design Engineer.  Joel joined Howell in 2015 directly from graduate school and a research/teaching position at Northeastern University.  The author of multiple articles in peer-reviewed journals, Joel ‘s strength in mechanical design is supplemented by his experimental and analytical research experience and his technical analytical skills.

Kyle Sanders: RF Technician. Kyle earned his B.Sc degree from College of the Ozarks in 2017 in Digital Communications. He worked at the college radio station, KCOZ as a work study program and fell in love with broadcast technology and culture. Kyle is a recent transplant from Arkansas, choosing Maine after watching the movie The Iron Giant. After several miles, moves and temp jobs in broadcast and IT, Kyle found his home with us at Shively. He enjoys building FM components, tuning antennas and filters along with shoveling snow off the test rack. He has been a great addition to our Shively team.

Chris Steckino: RF Technician. Chris joined our Shively team at the end of 2020. His journey in the RF field started with Amateur Radio which has taken his Hobby to explore deeper and more complex discoveries. He was born and raised in Maine and is well established here.  He has helped local radio clubs and other local licensed operators with assembly, erecting and tuning RF equipment in his spare time.

Sales Team:
Dale Ladner, Regional Sales Manager: dladner@shively.com
Angela Gillespie, Vice President: agillespie@shively.com
Alan Plummer, Customer Support Specialist – Project Manager: aplummer@shively.com

Design Team:
Sean Edwards, Project Lead, RF Specialist: sedwards@shively.com
Joel Parent, Mechanical Project Engineer: jparent@howelllabs.com

Test Team:
Jeffrey Allen, RF Test Technician: jallen@shively.com
Sean Edwards, Project Lead, RF Specialist: sedwards@shively.com
Kyle Sanders, RF and Pattern Technician, ksanders@shively.com