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Bandpass Filters

Bandpass filters are designed to pass only a single frequency and reject all others. They are the preferred solution for complex sites and sites where changes are possible. In most cases, bandpass filters can be moved to a new site and provide the same protection for the pass frequency without retuning – regardless of the frequencies present. This robust electrical performance and flexibility is the reason Shively uses bandpass filters for its branched and balanced combiner systems, and why bandpass filters constitute the majority of new filter sales.

All Shively filters arrive factory tuned not only for frequency isolation, but also to ensure that all critical electrical performance characteristics are balanced. This balance minimizes distortion and results in performance that is unsurpassed in the industry. Should the operating frequency change, bandpass filters other than the 2900 series can be re-tuned in the field to operate at the new frequency with the same performance as the original. In the case of the 2900 series, this retuning capability is limited to the highest 16 MHz of the FM band.